04 june

-lagha jap-

When you care for someone more than they deserve,
you get hurt more than you deserve.

“Kau sukakan siapa sebenarnya ni?”
“There is... someone.”
“Dia tak suka kau?”
“Aku suka dia. Dia suka orang lain. Itu aje ceritanya.”

If I say that I'm in pain, I'm scared that I'll really be in pain.
If I say that I'm sad, I'm scared that I will shed my tears.

so then

Let's smile like couples in dramas.
Let's smile like the title of your blog.
Let's smile happy like in my past.

p.s: cerite dia baru lepas bace cerita iftirasy je ^_^

"You fit me better than my favorite sweater."

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